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Welcome to EmpowerHer Excellence group coaching

An empowering community specifically for women of color on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. 


Whether you want to find balance within multiple roles and responsibilities, enhance your communication and boundary-setting skills, or look for a deeper connection with yourself and others, our community is here to uplift and inspire you every step. 


Join us in the EmpowerHer Excellence group and begin a journey toward greater self-awareness and fulfillment. Together, we'll celebrate our strengths, embrace our imperfections, and create a community where every woman thrives. 


You will gain the tools you need to live within your excellence. Join us today and let's empower each other to shine!

Our mission is to empower women to transition from uncertainty, stress, and silence to conquering overwhelm, prioritizing self-care, and reshaping unrealistic expectations while welcoming every part of themselves.

Our Core Values

Authenticity: Promoting an environment where women can be themselves, free from the pressures of perfectionism and unrealistic expectations.

Compassionate Community:  A supportive and safe environment where women can freely share their thoughts and feelings, creating a sense of belonging and mutual respect.

Empowerment: Commitment to helping women overcome overwhelm and self-advocate.

Resilience: Supporting women in adapting to and overcoming adversity is strengthened by fostering an environment where setbacks lead to growth and self-discovery.

Our Framework

  • Pursue your vision for your life.

  • Embrace self-discovery.

  • Align with actions that are true to yourself.

  • Cultivate meaningful connections.

  • Empowerment through taking inspired actions toward your desires.

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