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Perfectly Imperfect
Counseling Services

Where Peace is the Soul of Therapy

We bring authenticity and empowerment to therapy while helping you increase confidence, manage emotions, cultivate relationships, and prioritize desires.


Our Story

Through her dedication to helping others, Jennifer Brown, LCSW has worked in various challenging settings in the field of social work. As an Adoption Program Manager, Jennifer excelled in strategic thinking, dedication, creativity, and connecting with others. However, she wanted a deeper sense of purpose and connection with her clients. Encouraged by her supervisor, Jennifer took a part-time position in the agency's counseling department, where she discovered her true calling.


Her vision of embracing imperfections and working with clients to foster self-acceptance sparked the name Perfectly Imperfect Counseling Services. Counseling is a term that highlights the importance of therapeutic collaboration. This was significant because it encompassed the idea that the role of the clinician is to collaborate with the client to identify and implement effective strategies for growth, problem-solving, and improved mental well-being.


With the support of her spouse and support system, Jennifer took a leap of faith and transformed her part-time therapy practice into a thriving business that empowers women to navigate life's challenges and experience personal growth through a holistic approach that incorporates various therapeutic techniques. Jennifer’s decision to follow her passion and create Perfectly Imperfect Counseling Services has not only allowed her to live her own purpose but has also made a profound and lasting impact on her community.


"I think I have the tools to help with my anxiety and I am getting better at communicating."

Our Values

Perfectly Imperfect Counseling Services acknowledge that perfection is an ideal that is often unattainable, imperfections are what makes us human and unique. We encourage you to embracing your experiences, challenges, and triumphs without comparing them to others.

Our tagline embodies the very essence of what unleashing your inner potential is all about.

Explore signifies the importance of stepping outside our comfort zones and embracing new opportunities. It encourages us to push our boundaries, try new things, and venture into uncharted territories. By exploring, we open ourselves up to new ideas, insights, and possibilities.


Inspire highlights the significance of finding inspiration from within ourselves and from the world around us. By seeking out inspiration we can ignite passions, find purpose, and pursue our goals and dreams.


Empower emphasizes the importance of taking control of our lives, making empowered choices, and standing up for ourselves.

This is a space to deepen your connection to both yourself and all that life has to offer. Jennifer's counseling style is warm, interactive and direct. Understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all therapy Jennifer uses a variety of client-centered therapeutic approaches to achieve her mission to explore, inspire and empower her clients to live life even in difficult times.

Seeking support from a therapist is not easy, but you are not alone. 

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