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Your partner in growth and healing!

Hey love! I'm Jennifer Nicole, LCSW, the heart and soul behind Perfectly Imperfect. "Perfectly Imperfect Counseling Services" isn't just a title; it's a philosophy born from my journey. I bring a unique perspective to our work rooted in compassion and an understanding of the challenges many women face. I have navigated through family conflicts, felt the weight of generational burdens, and overcame the pressure to prove my worth. As a wife and mother, I understand the complexities of balancing a blended family with multiple roles and expectations. 

I create a safe space where you can explore your journey without judgment. I understand how it feels to strive for perfection constantly. I will help you embrace your imperfections, set healthy boundaries, and cultivate a deeper sense of self-worth. You are not alone on your journey; together, we can navigate the challenges and emerge stronger, more resilient, and authentically you.


Here's to embracing imperfections, navigating challenges, and finding peace within. Let's break barriers and take a journey towards harmony, where peace is not just a destination but a valued part of the journey.

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Jennifer's Story

I'm Jennifer Nicole, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and the heart behind Perfectly Imperfect
Counseling Services, your haven of healing in Atlanta, Georgia. I wear many hats – therapist, guide, and supporter – providing personalized support to foster healing and personal growth.


Licensed in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina I extend my reach through telehealth services, connecting with amazing women across these states. My journey started with a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of South Carolina in 2012, and I deepened my knowledge with a Master of Social Work from Walden University in 2016.


I believe that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is integral to my life. I know the power of self-reflection and embracing imperfections. I'm here to guide you through the challenges and celebrate the victories, drawing not just from professional training but lessons I've learned on my journey in life. What are you waiting on to begin our journey together?

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