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Clinical Supervision

Welcome to Perfectly Imperfect, where we offer clinical supervision for clinicians with a Master's degree in Social Work (MSW) pursuing clinical hours. We provide a supportive, insightful, and enriching environment for you to grow professionally and personally under the guidance of an experienced supervisor.

Why Choose Perfectly Imperfect
for Your Supervision?

You will receive supervision from Jennifer Nicole, a seasoned therapist who fosters a nurturing and educational atmosphere. Here’s what makes our supervision program different:

What We Offer?

Individual Supervision

One-on-one sessions focusing on case review, skill development, and professional growth.

Group Supervision

Collaborate and learn with peers in a structured group setting, enhancing your learning through shared experiences—no more than six participants per group. 

How It Works

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Initial Consultation

Schedule a free initial consultation with Jennifer to discuss your goals, review your experience, and ensure a good fit.

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Ongoing Support

egular sessions to review your progress, address challenges, and celebrate your successes.

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Customized Plan

We will develop a supervision plan tailored to your professional needs and aspirations.

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Documentation and Feedback

Comprehensive support with documentation and constructive feedback to help you fulfill your licensure requirements.

Get Started!

Ready to advance your career with expert clinical supervision?

Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and take the first step toward your goals with Perfectly Imperfect.

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