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A Curriculum For Children of Change

Family relationships do not disappear when a romantic relationship ends. For the sake of their children, parents must continue to communicate in matters of child-rearing. The ability of parents to interact with each other greatly impacts the child’s adjustment. Rollercoasters benefits children by diminishing the child’s sense of loyalty binds and allowing them to love both parents. 

Rollercoasters is the premier curriculum for children of divorce. This program provides critical preventative services to strengthen and preserve families.Rollercoasters primary curriculum offers an opportunity for normalization while addressing the needs of 5-8 year olds through innovative activities, games, discussions and role-plays. The special needs of younger children are addressed throughout the program.Rollercoasters intermediate curriculum for children ages 9-12 years old provides normalization and an introduction to healing. This curriculum covers the same issues while utilizing language and activities relevant to older children.

Family Playing with Ball



A one-time four hour educational format with accompanying activities designed for children ages nine and above who have experienced a roller coaster of changes in their family due to separation, divorce or re-marriage. 

Topic 1 : "Change"

How changes in family, like all changes, impact our world of thoughts, feelings and behavior. 

Topic 2: "Why Change Happens"

Many reasons why parents separate - dispels denial and self-blame. 

Topic 3: "Feelings Identified"

Sadness, confusion, relief, fear, powerlessness, guilt...managing feelings improves self-esteem. 

Topic 4: "Feelings Expressed"

A toolbox full of ways to handle strong feelings. 

Topic 5: "Learning to Cope"

Identifying problems that are "fixable" versus those we can't control. Getting ready for future changes and coping with feelings along the way. 

Children Embracing in Circle



Theme 1 – A Rollercoaster of Change

Changes if family, like all changes, impact our world of thoughts, feelings and behavior. Children select from a myriad of possible changes their family has undergone and discuss ways to adjust to their new life.

Theme 2 – Why Change Happens

Parents divorce for many reasons which are not a child’s responsibility. Children pay a game to help dispel typical myths and beliefs regarding family separation.

Theme 3 – Change Means Loss

The process of grieving helps us move on, making room for new experiences and growth. This session includes story telling and the loss box activity.

Theme 4 – A Rollercoaster of Feelings

Sadness, confusion, relief, fear, powerlessness, guilt … managing feelings improve

self-esteem. Children enjoy an activity which helps them organize their feelings around the events they have experienced.

Theme 5 – Anger Management

In this favorite session where hands-on activities are utilized, the children receive an arsenal of ways to cope with their anger.

Theme 6 – Coping Strategies to Handle Turbulence

Problem solving skills: How to get out of the middle, avoid choosing sides; two houses/two lives, role play, coping strategies and much more.

Theme 7 – More Change Will Come

Variations of the family can provide new and rich experiences. A poignant activity helps children prepare for new changes.

Theme 8 – What I’ve Learned Through Change

Getting unstuck, hope for the future. A group activity helps synthesize what has been learned. Optional presentation to parents.

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