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5 Fun Tips on How to Break Free From Comparisons: An Act of Self-Love❤️

Comparison can be a complicated and harmful thing that all of us fall into, many times without even realizing it on a regular basis.

As women of color, we face unique challenges and expectations that can make comparisons even more common in our lives. Many times we hear "What is seen behind the scenes only tells part of the story," but it's more difficult to stop comparing your life to others when you've done it for so long.

🖐🏾In this blog post, we reveal 5 important tips to how women of color can avoid unfavorable comparisons and love themselves to the highest degree.

Tip #1. Identify your Inner Critic🎤

One motivation for comparison is your critical internal voice. For women of color, this tone may be influenced by the need to always work harder or be better than our peers. Take some time to think about what this inner voice is telling you, understand where it’s coming from, and acknowledge its presence without judgment.

Tip #2. Self-Compassion Practice💪🏾

Take the time to sit with yourself to focus on your curiosity around your inner voice and treat yourself with compassion. Our imperfections do not define us. Treat yourself with compassion by being kind and forgiving. Understand that no one is perfect, and no one is safe. Instead of letting your flaws define you, focus on your strengths, accomplishments, and unique qualities that make up who you are. Realize that your experiences and culture make you who you are, and there is incredible beauty in that.

Tip #3. Create a Supportive Community🫱🏽‍🫲🏾

Your support system plays a huge role in how you view the world around you and how you fit into it. Therefore, surround yourself with friends and family who uplift and encourage you. Sharing your struggles and triumphs with others who understand can provide valuable support in good and bad times. Remember, we don’t have to do it alone. Take some of the pressure off of yourself. There's always someone who has been and is going through exactly what you are going through now. Having your own cheering section is always a bonus.

Tip #4. Stay Focused!👁️

Focus on how you want your life to be. A good starting point is to take time to reflect and set your intentions on what you envision for yourself. Focus on your own growth and development rather than external signs of success. You determine what success is for you and not anyone else.

Tip #5. Make Gratitude a Habit🤗

Make it a habit to practice gratitude by focusing on the things in life that you appreciate. Always think about what you are grateful for, no matter how small it may seem. You can even be grateful for the challenges life brings. Appreciation can help shift your focus from what you don’t have to what you have. You can start by identifying three things you are grateful for each day. I recommend practicing in the morning as it can help guide you throughout your day.

❤️Comparison Thoughts Be Gone!

When you experience those comparative thoughts, remember that avoiding comparison is a huge practice of self-love that impacts everything that you do. When we choose to celebrate our individuality and embrace our uniqueness, we release the beauty and strength that comes from within in the world around us.

Let’s check our confidence, empower each other, and rise above the comparisons. You’ve got this! Leave a comment letting us what your favorite tip was and how you are breaking free from comparison.

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